Affiliate and Introducer Program

Earn ATT tokens today with our bonus and affiliate program

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  • Qualifying as an IB is quick and easy and we offer great commissions during and after the ICO.

  • ll Introducers will receive a referral link to send to their clients, system is automated

  • If you qualify as an IB, you will receive IB rebates when your clients start trading and exchanging.

  • Earn an unlimited number tokens up to 30% on all your clients token purchases during the ICO.


A2TRADE is looking for Introducers (IB) to team with. Earn rewards and ATT Tokens for all your clients purchases. Also, you will be eligible for all IB rewards on the Exchange, MAM and CFD products to include volume commissions. Sign-up and get your referral code today or e-mail

  • Earn up to 30%
  • Total deposits
  • Earn up to
  • FX/CFD Commission
  • Crypto Commission
  • 30%
  • -
  • Unlimited
  • Yes
  • Yes


PAYMENTS: All payments will be paid in ATT ERC-20 Tokens. To receive payment you need an Ethereum Wallet. Follow this guide

SCHEDULE: All payments will be made at the close of the token sale. Within 14 days of ICO completion, the balance of all your earned tokens will be sent to the wallet.

REGISTRATION: All members and affiliates must register and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process for eligibility

Disclaimer: A2TRADE reserves the right to cancel or change referral program at any time. All token holders and registered affiliates will be notified in advance of any changes to the bonus program. Tokens already earned will not be affected.


Introducing brokers (IB), agents, and money managers can refer clients to ATT Token and earn up to 30% in ATT on all purchases from referred clients. When the platform goes live, IBs can earn commission on MAM accounts, FX and CFD volume, and exchange fees. The signed contract for volume and commissions will supersede all details on this website.